Lombok never fails to successfully charm anyone who stumbles upon its beauty. Blessed with abundant natural wonders as well as fascinating cultural heritage, Lombok provides a fantastic getaway for those who are seeking a one-of-a-kind holiday experience.

On the southern coast of the island, you can find many mesmerizing beaches and hills that are perfect for winding down. Not far from the beaches, you can also find a circuit that recently hosted MotoGP 2022. A spectacular mountain stood in the middle of the island, providing a great hiking destination for explorers. The delightful cuisine of the island will leave a lasting impression on those who have tasted them too!

If you’re still not convinced about spending a good time in Lombok, just ask Khalid Al Ameri, a jovial content creator and storyteller who came with his lovely wife Salama Mohamed, from Dubai, United Arab Emirates. They were invited by the Indonesian Embassy of Abu Dhabi and supported by the local governments along with local communities, to spend a wonderful holiday at some of the best places in Wonderful Indonesia. During his journey in Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara, Khalid experienced a lot of interesting things, from visiting beautiful mosques, witnessing the unique culture of the Sasak people, to enjoying the atmosphere of an exotic waterfall. Curious to know more about Khalid’s journey in Lombok? Let’s find out together!

1. Observing the Magnificence of Hubbul Wathan Great Mosque

Hubbul Wathan Great Mosque

As Khalid arrived in Lombok, one of the several destinations that he decided to visit was a glorious mosque located in the center of Mataram City. Boasting vibrant interiors, four floors, five domes, and five towers (with one of them reaching 99-meter high), the Hubbul Wathan Great Mosque (or sometimes Hubbul Wathan Islamic Center) is one of the greatest Islamic hubs on the island. Lombok itself has been known as The Island of Thousand Mosques since the 1970s. It is reflected clearly from the thousands of Mosques that stood across the corners of the island.

Being one of them, Hubbul Wathan Great Mosque signifies the thriving Muslim community of Lombok. Here, Khalid learns the significance of mosques for Muslims in Lombok. For them, building mosques can be likened to building a home. While at it, Khalid also got a chance to bang the bedug (a huge two-headed drum used for signaling the time of prayer) of the mosque.

2. Delving into the local culture at Sade Village
Sade Village

After observing the mosque, Khalid also sought to delve deeper into the culture of Lombok. So the journey brings him to Sade Village, a famous traditional village that is home to Sasak people located in the south of Lombok, particularly in the Pujuk District. Still holding on to their traditional values after about 15 generations, this village offers a good look at the culture of the Sasak people. Their traditional homes boast a unique shape and construction. The women of the tribes can often be seen weaving a colorful fabric known as tenun sasak with a traditional device.

When Khalid set his foot at Sade Village, he was immediately greeted by a traditional music and dance performance. Here, Khalid was given the opportunity to partake in the traditional martial arts. He also learned about the Sasak ways of grinding coffee beans, where the 50% beans were mixed with 50% of rice grains and then smashed repeatedly in a huge wooden pestle and mortar before the roasting process.

3. Enjoying the Refreshing Atmosphere of Sendang Gile Waterfall

Sendang Gile Waterfall

To complete the memorable visit he had in Lombok, Khalid then sets his sights on one of the hidden gems of the island. Known as Sendang Gile Waterfall, this eye-soothing waterfall is nestled beautifully among the lush jungle of Senaru Village, Bayan District, North Lombok. When Khalid arrived here, he was awestruck by the charm of the waterfall. He got so excited as it was his first time visiting a waterfall ever. Then, after having some fun, Khalid got back from the waterfall with the help of a local by riding on the back of his motorcycle. On his way back, he also witnessed the stunning view of the jungles from afar.


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